Welcome to the website of Primary Care IT Ltd.  We are a young and innovative company involved in the interface between technology and healthcare.  

Led by Dr Dustyn Saint, the team are constantly looking to find new ways to allow modern technology to aid innovative ways of providing healthcare.  To the right you can see the ways in which we are looking to achieve this.  

  • Primary care pathways allows practices to work in more streamlined and efficient ways using EMIS Web.
  • Primary care protocols is an innovative way for general practice surgeries to work together in a collaborative way.  
  • Healthcarepromotions aims to highlight health awareness campaigns and promote uptake across a wide audience.  
  • Primary care locums aims to provide a free to use way of locums and surgeries interacting and judging each others availability whilst keeping a record of the administrative side of things for locums.

If you are registered with us, you can login on the right side of the page to access your project centre - a unique way of monitoring progress towards practice targets.....

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